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Parabeam Driveway & Perimeter Alarm Systems

Driveway & Perimeter Alarm Systems

Driveway & Perimeter Alarm Systems

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Driveway Alarms Perimeter Alarm Systems, gate alarm. Long range detection systems. Detect visitors, customers and intruders BEFORE they reach your property.


Driveway Alarms / Perimeter Alert Systems, Gate Alarms, - Ideal for farms, orchards, business, residential properties.

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How easy is it to install the Parabeam 700-fsk?

The answer is....... extremely easy DIY install! Just eight simple steps
We would also advise to read through the full manual before installing to further familiarise yourself with the complete system. 

Tools required:

Screwdriver - #2 Philips (cross headed) - to remove / replace the enclosure front covers.
Screwdriver - Small flat electrical - to connect the solar panel wires.
Cable Strippers or Side Cutters - to strip the outer solar panel cable and bear the inner wires.
8mm Socket + Ratchet + Extension - to fit enclosure swivel brackets and attach enclosures to mounting.



Parabeam 700-fsk beam enclosure with swivel bracket attached | Parabeam wireless driveway and perimeter alarm systems


Internal sketch of Parabeam 700-fsk wireless security beam | Internal rechargeable battery pack is constantly topped up via small remote solar panel

Parabeam 700-fsk swivel brackets are already fitted
but you may need change the position of the fixing bracket depending
on the surface you want to mount the enclosure to.
Solar panel wires are also pre-connected. If the cable requires shortening or lengthening, the wires should be reconnected and routed as shown in the diagram.
The internal battery is installed but NOT connected on arrival and should be connected prior to the alignment test.

Point to point infrared beam is completed by aligning both enclosures at the same height and facing each other | Infrared beam can span up to 40m

The remote solar panel comes with 5m cable to allow the best positioning to be able to face up to open area of sky

The beam is mounted at hip height to be able to detect people and
vehicles but ignore small animals, flying birds and peripheral movement.
The beam emitter can be adjusted to produce the beam length -
up to 10m, up to 25m and up to 40m.
Mount the beam emitter and communicator (the one with the antenna) so the they are visually straight and squarely facing each other.
The solar panel swivel bracket is already fitted and 5m of weatherproof cable attached.
It is important to find a position which allows the panel to face flat up to open sky and avoid shading on any side.
The cable may be lengthened by another 10m if needed to gain the best position.

Alignment process is very easy and does not require pin-point accuracy

The Parabeam long range wireless receiver has many features and is available with 2 zones or 4 zones

Connect the batteries to the socket on the circuit board and re-fit the
front covers.
Alignment is simple. From the left side of the communicator, gradually cover the beam window until the yellow LED flashes which signifies the beam is broken. Do the same from the right side of the window and compare the positions at which the yellow LED flashes. If it's roughly
the same you're done!
Attach the Base receiver's antenna as per manual.
Plug in the receiver's mains adapter and switch on.
The beam/s is pre-coded to the base receiver and immediately ready for use.
Pass through the beam to test.


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